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OCZ SSD Speed Comparison on ThinkPad X60 Tablets

by on Jun.10, 2009, under Hardware, Reviews

SSD Speed Comparison on ThinkPad X60 Tablets from Jeremy Powlus on Vimeo.

My company has a bunch of Lenovo X60 and X61 TabletPCs in the hands of our salesmen. Seeking to extend the useful life of these computers, I thought I’d see how effective an SSD upgrade would be along with Windows 7 RC build 7100.
All 3 of the computers shown are X60 Tablets with L2400 processors and 2GB of RAM. The two on the left have the stock 5400RPM HDD installed, the one on the right has an OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD. The lone Windows XP machine is how the computers are currently configured. A lot of the extra time booting up is spent loading support apps, such as Lenovo’s fingerprint software, some of which is no longer necessary even in XP… MOST of which is not necessary in Win 7.
The tests I ran were standard tasks our salesmen run every day using SalesLogix which we use for CRM and invoicing. SalesLogix uses a local db via MSDE (or SQL Server Express on the Windows 7 machines).
I judge a boot process to be complete when the computer is usable… so I brought up the task manager on each machine and waited until processor usage was down below 3% for a few seconds before officially marking the machine “done booting.”
One of the greatest benefits of using an SSD in these machines cannot be quantified in this environment: the ability to safely turn off the HDD-protection software which senses physical shocks to the system and seats the HDD’s heads for a few seconds, effectively pausing anything the computer is doing until the “shocks” stop. This means that users can’t walk and launch SalesLogix at the same time or it will take a verrrry long time to open. A SSD removes this limitation and will make noticeable improvements in productivity in the field.
These 30GB SSD’s can be purchased for just over $100 right now and 60GB drives are around $210. I highly recommend them. Be certain to get the Vertex series (if you get an OCZ, that is)… avoid the Core series, they are awful.

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How to replace a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet screen

by on Apr.01, 2009, under Tutorials

Break a screen on a Lenovo X60/X61 ThinkPad and Lenovo wants to charge you ~$900 to fix it. A new screen can be purchased from a 3rd party for ~$250…so I thought I’d take a stab at doing it myself when an employee broke his screen.
That was 4 broken screens ago. As an attempt to make this incredibly mind-numbing and time-consuming task more interesting, I decided I’d record myself doing it to a) see how fast I can do it and b) show others how to do it if they choose to try. 
Good luck…I recommend just sending it to Lenovo. As you’ll see in this video, replacing a tablet screen is much more involved than replacing a regular laptop screen.

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