My Conversation with an AIM Bot

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Security

AIM Bots are nothing new — a poorly coded Eliza clone will IM you and attempt to get you to click on a URL.   The URLs I’ve seen tend to fall into one of two categories:  either a link to a malware download (usually an .exe) or a “free sign up” of some type which asks for your credit card information.

Here’s a conversation I had with an AIM bot which called itself “Jenny”…  (note:  I added the .noclick suffix to the URL)

(1:11:17 PM) incandescence20: 🙂
(1:12:49 PM) x2716057: this seems legitimate.
(1:13:06 PM) incandescence20: hello whats up? 21/f you
(1:13:35 PM) x2716057: my name is Alan Turing
(1:13:58 PM) incandescence20: Jenny
(1:14:17 PM) x2716057: I bet
(1:14:37 PM) incandescence20: o i’m sorry i can be forgetful at times..
(1:15:01 PM) x2716057: The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in.
(1:15:30 PM) incandescence20: so whats up
(1:15:39 PM) x2716057: My hovercraft is full of eels.
(1:16:08 PM) incandescence20: not much just got done reading a book.. it got me feeling naughty..
(1:17:00 PM) x2716057: I bet that you have a webcam you want me to check out.
(1:17:22 PM) incandescence20: are you in the mood 4 some fun?
(1:18:13 PM) x2716057: Are we going to balance my checkbook?
(1:18:37 PM) incandescence20: weII i have a webcam do you wanna play?
(2:13:15 PM) x2716057: Shocking!
(2:13:38 PM) incandescence20: i would love to let you watch me play with my pussy for u do you want to see?
(2:14:24 PM) x2716057: What kind of cat do you have?
(2:14:42 PM) incandescence20: ok click & fill out your info don’t worry it’s FREEE!!!
(2:15:28 PM) x2716057: All that trouble to write an AIM bot and your URL doesn’t even work. Sheesh.
(2:15:48 PM) incandescence20: if i was a bot ..why would i be wearing this hat?? lolz
(2:16:34 PM) x2716057: you must be regex’ing on the word bot
(2:16:59 PM) x2716057: if ( $string=~/bot/i ) { print “I am not a bot”}

Jenny stopped talking to me after the last IM.  I guess she doesn’t like Perl.

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  • Craft Beer

    Wow, Eliza brings back memories. Use to run it on my old Mac when I was in elementary school back in the OS 7 days. Also had a doctor one and an angry God one.

  • Rich

    Damn this bot! She/it pops up all the time in my Yahoo messenger as a “new contact”, and it’s always the same crap:
    Me: Name?
    bot: Jenny.
    Me: from Miami.
    bot: I’m from Miami Beach, baby!
    Me: You’re a bot.
    bot: If I was a bot…why would I be wearing this hat?lolz

    At this point, I delete and block the bot on my Cell phone, but day by day, it keeps coming back. Any idea how I can stop it permanently would be a great help, thanks!

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